Saturday 18 September 2021

Another new book is FORTHCOMING

My next publication, 'FFOSHELIG COACHES LTD,  CARMARTHEN' is due to be released in October. 

This limited edition, 175 page book, gives a succinct history of the business, and has been produced to celebrate the company's centenary, together with the 25th anniversary of current proprietors, Debbie and Rhodri Evans.

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  1. Books arrived earlier today and I have been looking at them when I should have been doing other things. I am very impressed with the sharpness and clarity of the pictures. Coming from Oxford (and being involved with the Oxford Bus Museum), it was very pleasing to see the images of the James' Atlanteans in their prime, long before they came to Oxford, and I am glad I bought a copy of that book as well. Kind regards, Stephen Jolly