Samuel Eynons and Sons - Book

Samuel Eynon & Sons

‛The HERO’

Trimsaran, Carmarthenshire.


The name of Samuel Eynon & Sons, Trimsaran, was synonymous with a high quality reputable omnibus service in the Gwendraeth Valley district of east Carmarthenshire, South Wales.

Founder of the business, Samuel Eynon, first became involved with public transport in 1917 when he purchased his first motor car a second-hand American ‘Studebaker’, which he used initially as an un-licenced ‘taxi’ to ferry local Trimsaran people into the nearby town of Llanelli. Retaining his job as an engine winder-man at the Trimsaran Colliery, other members of his large family assisted with the driving. The Colliery manager arranged their shifts so that there was always one family member available to drive the ‘taxi’ and later the first omnibus.

It can truly be said that Samuel Eynon was the ‘Pioneer’ of road passenger transport in the village of Trimsaran, and was called ‘The Hero’ for inaugurating the community’s first omnibus service, a logo he applied to his first charabanc in 1920.

His three sons and two daughters joined the expanding business when they came of age and together they literally fought off other ambitious competitors on the Trimsaran – Llanelli road.

Eynon’s built up a tremendous reputation throughout their existence, management and staff alike treated their customers like family or friends in the close-knit Gwendraeth Valley community.

However, de-regulation brought about by the Tory Government was the final straw for the already financially unstable company. Immediately after de-regulation in August 1986, the South Wales Transport Company vigorously challenged them on their lucrative Trimsaran and Carway routes with brand new Mercedes-Benz minibuses, charging lower fares and running just 5 minutes in front of Eynon’s.

Sadly, this brought the company to its knees, and the well-renowned and much loved company, with a name that had become a household word in the east Carmarthenshire (east Dyfed) communities, was sold to another Carmarthenshire (Dyfed) independent operator Davies Brothers of Pencader in June 1988, ending a fine story of enterprise and achievement. 

This limited edition 240 page book is illustrated with over 300 photographs and other informative memorabilia covering the period, and has been produced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company, which was at one time Carmarthenshire’s largest independent PCV operator operating 35 vehicles. It’s a fitting tribute to the Eynon family and their devoted staff, and a succinct history of the business which has previously never been told. 

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  1. Following on from my previous review of Vernon’s book on S.W.T.100 I thought I would share my thoughts again on his latest work, that of Samuel Eynon of Trimsaran a.k.a. ‘The Hero’.
    Those of you who bought Vernon’s first book on James of Ammanford will be equally familiar with the A5 format of ‘The Hero’.
    I previously described Vernon’s James of Ammanford as a tremendous effort and his latest offering deserves no less of a credit as it is a truly magnificent historical tome about a fascinating company. Everything you need to know has not been left out. The attention to detail is incredible which goes into every single aspect of this interesting operator and has been meticulously researched.
    Vernon’s historical knowledge on P.S.V. operator’s , specifically South Wales, is nothing short of exemplary and this is even more evident in this most enjoyable read.
    What really makes this book stand out, however, is the sheer number of high quality photographs along with very detailed captions appearing in chronological order as purchased by the operator. Most of the images are colour and have been captured by the author himself.
    I will sum up this review in duly commending Vernon as he has excelled himself yet again on this wonderful book. Should you decide to purchase ‘The Hero’ you definitely won’t be disappointed.
    Make no mistake, this is a significant historical reference work about a much loved and respected bus and coach operator in the Gwendraeth Valley.

    Andrew Cox

  2. Excellent book, highly recommended.

  3. Thank you very much Vernon for such an excellent publication. This book is absolutely brilliant, and if my father Jim,(James Maurice Eynon) was still alive he would be carrying the book around with him wherever he went.
    He would have been so delighted.